Chronic Tendon Pain Gets Worse Over Time

The point tender pain you feel means your tendon has tissue damage. When your tendon is overused and becomes damaged, it is unable to work at full capacity, causing you pain. If not treated, the damaged tendon tissue may never heal and your pain will likely become worse, making you suffer for months or years

In one Mayo random population study of 576 patients treated over the course of 13 years

6 months after
conservative treatment,
80% of patients
responded favorably

15% had a recurrence of
symptoms within 12
months of symptom onset

20% of patients did not
receive symptom relief
without some
surgical intervention.

This is due to the tissue
becoming damaged and
degenerated, rather than

Cortisone may help reduce inflammation, however, degeneration can occur over time with repeated use.

Reference: TL Sanders et al (Mayo Clinic). The Epidemiology and Health Care Burden of Tennis Elbow: A Population-Based Study. American Journal of Sports Medicine Vol 43, No. 5;1066-1071